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Scan the Local Restaurant Listings When Planning Your Vacations

When you are planning your Cape Cod vacations, consider utilizing the Chamber of Commerce website. This website includes extensive listings of things to do, places to stay, and food to eat. For example, a quick browse through the restaurant listings will show you that Cape Cod boasts a wide variety of eating options. These include the following. Casual Dining

Whether you are travelling by yourself, as a couple, or with a family, you will notice that this area offers extensive choices when it comes to casual dining. For days when you are on the go, visit a cozy sandwich shop and feast on a grilled cheese sandwich that hits the spot just perfectly. For a casual evening out, visit a tavern or a bar and enjoy some local cuisine or a good old-fashioned, juicy hamburger. The website listings include a description as well as an address and telephone number in order to make your dining choices easy. Upscale Seafood

When you visit this beautiful area that is set on the coast, you can’t leave without enjoying some of the local seafood delicacies. Choose from a wide range of seafood restaurants and feast on crab, lobster, scallops, and plenty of fish varieties. Many of these restaurants are elegant, which will give you a good excuse to dress up and head out for an evening of fine dining and fine wine. Wineries

Speaking of wine, dont visit the area without visiting one of the local wineries and sampling some of the wine produced by locally grown grapes. If you cant make it to the winery, ask to sample the local wines when you eat out at the local restaurants. Keep these restaurant listings in mind when you plan your Cape Cod vacations and avoid the stress of not knowing what dining choices

Mar 21

Hoffmaster Colorful dinner napkin for your restaurant

Enhance your brand image by including Hoffmaster colorful dinner napkins for your restaurant. Hoffmaster has leaded the industry in producing the comprehensive range of specialty restaurant dinner napkins for many years.

With innovation as the foundation of the success, Hoffmaster has always been a trend setter and that is the reason why a lot of food joint and restaurant owners prefer Hoffmaster for buying colorful dinner napkins and other Kitchen related products. Also, along with quality, Hoffmaster also includes the variety of colors to match any mood, season and dcor with elegant embossed pattern.

As the name illuminates, restaurant dinner napkins are used to turn simple dinner tables in to sophisticated settings. Offered in several colors and sizes these dinner napkins add to the splendor of every meal. Agile enough for the special occasions yet resistant enough for daily use, these restaurant dinner napkins are one of the finest paper products one may use in his restaurant or food joints.

These colored dinner napkins are 2 ply and come in vibrant colors. They are ideal for any restaurant owner who wants dinner napkins of the perfect color to match restaurant’s decor. Since they are crammed in a distinctive, crease-free flat pack, these colorful napkins are ready to fold, fluff and serve. Add an upscale touch to any dinner and special event with the large variety of colorful restaurant dinner napkins by Hoffmaster. They are super soft and absorbent and can be easily rolled around flatware or folded into fancy shapes to showcase your place settings.

Although these dinner napkins have achieved a lot of popularity because they not just build your brand image but also impress and turn a one-time visitor into a regular customer but often the high prices of these branded kitchen products make

Mar 19

Visit best Indian restaurant in London for amazing Indian delicacies

Indian food is famous all across the globe because of its great taste and aroma. The use of different spices and other ingredients makes India food to be liked by majority of the populace. However if you are residing outside India for instance in London and you want to eat Indian food then there is a good news for you. You can find some of the best Indian restaurants in London. London is a destination which is quite favored by Indians because they get to eat delicious Indian food at best restaurants in London.

No matter whether you are fond of vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, you can have all on your table right in front of you. However before planning to eat Indian food, don’t visit any Indian restaurant having an Indian tag. One must cross check the quality of food served in the restaurant before visiting it. This is important because not all Indian restaurants are capable of providing excellent food and services. Visiting not-so-good restaurants can ruin your lunch or dinner so one must be cautious in advance.

It is good if you ask your friends of relatives living in London to tell you which are the best Indian restaurants in London so that you don’t end up in visiting any low quality joint. Preparing delicious Indian food is not a child’s play and not all restaurants are capable of it. So choose that restaurant which is known since years for serving exotic Indian food to the people.

You can check the list of good Indian restaurants in London online. In fact many of the good restaurants have delivery option through which you can order any of the food items online from your home or office. It is better if you read the reviews and

Mar 14

Recipe For Preparing Grapefruit Cheese Pie With Rye Bread Pie Crust

Rye bread pie is a starter dish that suits almost all main course meals. Since its easy to prepare pie, you can even use this item as a starter in an instantly arranged kitty party or a family gathering. Here is a recipe to make grapefruit cheese pie with rye bread pie crust.

The ingredients for the crust of the rye bread pie are:

Unbleached all-purpose flour (one and a half cups)
2/3 cup of rye flour
3/4 tsp salt
16 tbsp cold unsalted butter
1 tbsp natural cane sugar
1 egg yolk
1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
3 to 6 tsp ice water
Preparation of rye bread pie crust

Firstly you need to take a medium-sized bowl and mix well the ingredients such as all-purpose flour, rye flour, salt and cane sugar. Then, add butter to the mixture and beat well (let small lumps remain). Then, you need to add the vanilla extract to this mixture. After that, sprinkle one tablespoon of cold water slowly and stir the mixture (until the dough becomes sticky). Then, you can divide this dough into halves, wrap it with a plastic cover and refrigerate it for an hour. Once it is chilled, you can transfer it to a pie plate. Then fold the eggs. In order to avoid sagging, prebake the crust to 400 F for a period of 15 minutes. Then, brush the crust using egg yolk and again bake it at 350 F for five minutes.
Ingredients for the rye bread pie filling
2 egg yolks and 3 egg whites
2 grapefruits
Half a cup of heavy cream
3/4 tsp salt
One cup of natural cane sugar
4 tbsp unsalted butter (melted)
2 tsp

Mar 13

Restaurant Seating Tips

When you decide to open a restaurant a lot of things need your attention to make your business successful. But one major concern is finding quality restaurant furniture such as chairs, tables and booths. Restaurant furniture and restaurant booths require a lot of thought.

Now the question is which type of restaurant you are going to own and which types of booths you need? If you are opening a mid to low-scale restaurant (in terms of pricing), you are probably going to want to figure out a design for your restaurant seating that fits in with the general design of your establishment.

Here are some tips about restaurant booths depending on your restaurant type:

1. The theme of your restaurant is the first consideration you have to make when you are shopping for restaurant furniture and booths. If you are going to open a mid-scale family-style restaurant (like TGI Friday’s, IHOP or Houlihan’s) where the patrons will be staying for long luxurious dinners, you might want to go with a cushioned restaurant booth.
2. If you plan on opening a diner or quick eating establishment where long stays are not encouraged, or if you want a specific “rustic feel” for your restaurant, then you might want to go with a polished wooden booth with no cushions.
3. If the booth will be upholstered, decide if you want the fabric to be vinyl (which is easy to clean) or cotton (like a sofa). Choose a color, pattern or design for the fabric of your restaurant booth that will match the overall style and dcor of your establishment.
4. If you are opting for an un-upholstered (cushioned) booth, decide what color the booth will be painted in. You may even choose to leave the booth unpainted if

Mar 12

Restaurant Pagers And Evolution Of Technology

Most of us, who have been to busy restaurants, are already familiar with pagers in the restaurant. It was in the early 1980s when this system was introduced to restaurant management especially when since then the problem of having to wait for a vacant table already existed and has been causing serious issue for the customers and for the business as it is.

Having a pager in the restaurant enables employees and customers to work in harmony because they communicate in a manner that is effective although at times the efficiency also slips through resulting to irritated customers as they storm out of the establishment and try to look for vacant tables somewhere else. However, the paging system has alleviated the issues concerning customer waiting.

It gives customers a sense of security because they know they will be notified as soon as a table gets vacant. A paging system also allows efficient and more productive table management so that there will be no need for customers to look for someone to clear the table for them. As soon as the table is vacant, a staff can respond quickly because he knows where to go and what to clean.

Restaurant pagers allow proper utilization and maximizing staff resources. When the table is free, customers are then notified and guided where they locate them instead of leaving them wandering and waiting around tables trying to locate one that is free or about to get free. Currently, various restaurants already utilize several types of paging system that includes a beeper.

The beeper as one of the restaurant pagers available in the market today is perhaps the most common and most widely used. It is a wireless device utilized before the introduction of mobile phones and the more sophisticated technology that has evolved through

Mar 12

Diwan – The Best Halal food Restaurant

Gone are the days when the best halal restaurants only referred to Pakistani or Middle Eastern food. Diwan Restaurant is keeping up with the demand for diverse cuisine, quality ingredients and modern ambiance. From authentic Thai to classic comfort food, we are offering more choice than ever before by any halal food restaurant. From breakfast to salads, to appetizers, to desserts, to entrees, to sandwiches and juice bars.

As Muslims are spread all over the world. A huge percentage of Muslims in the world are concerned about the food they consume. Canada is a country which is full of well-established restaurants, but Muslims as being halal consumer demand to know the Halal status of foods they purchase from the market.

Halal certification is very important to Muslim consumers as these are based more than just set standards on how food is produced but is additionally because on Islam dietary requirements of the Islamic dietary requirements.

Diwan restaurant offers certified products which feature the Halal symbol H in triangle appears on many food products as well as ingredients.

Diwan restaurant is proud to be one of the best Halal food restaurants. Our food items are totally halal. When a Restaurant goes under the process of Halal Certification, its ensured that the restaurant is providing food which is according to the laws and teachings of Islam and people who observe Islamic laws can eat it without any problem. Diwan restaurant Brings its customer a menu full of verity and taste some of our menu items are:

Flafal Plate Special Flafal Plate, Regular price is $8.99.Special Price $6.99
Chicken Tawook Plate Special Chicken Tawook Plate, Regular price is $13.99, Special price $10.99
Kabab Plate Special Kabab Plate, Regular Price is $11.99. Special price $9.99
Shawarma Plate Special shawarma plate,

Mar 10

Raclette Party – Tips To A Successful Raclette Cheese Party

The term Raclette actually has two meanings – it refers to both a meal and a type of cheese, which is (also) called Raclette Cheese. Raclette, the traditional dish, is done by melting cheese and scraping it off to a plate of boiled or roasted potatoes, pickled onions, grilled prawns, tomatoes, ham, or some marinated chicken or beef.

Raclette, the meal, is originally from Switzerland and is one of the most loved dishes in the region. On top of that, it is also very popular in other parts of Europe especially in France and Germany. The best Raclette Cheese is made in the alpine villages in the Swiss Alps, which is rumored to be the secret behind its very unique flavor and excellent melting characteristics. It is also great for a classic cheese fondue, but the well known Raclette dish is a more exciting and interactive way of enjoying the delicious Raclette cheese.

While there are already modern electrical appliances or Raclette grills that are used to make the dish, some people still prefer to enjoy scraping cheese off a wheel in front of a campfire. However, even though the method of melting Raclette cheese has changed through the years, the Raclette meal is still very easy to prepare. Using the simplest of ingredients, anyone can host a festive and interactive Raclette party in no time!

Here are some useful tips to a successful Raclette Cheese Party:

If your table at home is too small to fit a Raclette grill and all the other ingredients, you can try putting the Raclette grill on top of a mini table so that you can have more room for the ingredients under the grill. Or if you want, you can just buy a smaller Raclette grill for more intimate Raclette parties.

If you

Mar 09

What Can I Expect While Dining At A Japanese Restaurant

My mother was a bit paranoid when I was growing up, so when she heard stories on the news of hole-in-the-wall sushi joints shut down for health code violations, she was convinced that if I ever went out for dinner with my friends at a Japanese place, I would likely sicken and die.

So, due to parental restrictions, I did not sample sushi until my first year in college–but it was certainly love at first California roll.

Now Japanese cuisine ranks as a favorite of mine, but I can still see why some are daunted by the prospect of the sushi/Japanese food experience. That is why I would like to debrief you on what you can expect from the typical Japanese-themed restaurant.

Almost every Japanese restaurant will serve a wide variety of sushi either at a bar or at your table. The sushi menu does not need extensive explanation, at least as far as each roll goes, because most menus give you a brief explanation or you can always ask your server if you are unsure.

However, you should be aware that although many restaurants share the same names for certain rolls (e.g. Godzilla roll is a common name across the board), you cannot assume that they are exactly the same–except for the California roll, which is a great starter for someone who has never tried sushi. It consists of rice, avocado, crab meat, and cucumber, usually sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Sushi rolls are generally served with both ginger and wasabi, both of which are spicy. Ginger does for the palate what coffee beans do for the olfactory glands when you are smelling perfume samples. Plus, it just tastes good. Wasabi is a green, spicy cream that some people enjoy spread atop their sushi.

Sushi–and Japanese food

Mar 09

Raise In Food-borne Illnesses Driving Global Food Safety Testing Market

According to our latest research report, Global Food Safety Testing Market Analysis, the global food safety testing market has been witnessing significant developments over the past few years. Currently, almost every country in the world is taking appropriate measures to ensure safety of food products, which is validated by the fact that the number of food products recalled has expanded considerably. The projected market size for worldwide food safety testing products is likely to reach US$ 11.4 Billion by 2015 backed by factors, such as increasing incidences of food-borne illnesses and high food imports.

The study revealed that food-borne diseases have caused a great deal of economic and physical loss in several countries. This, in turn, has prompted the authorities to take proactive measures for food safety. In 2010, around 19,089 cases were due to food-borne diseases caused by pathogens in the US alone. In order to reduce the rising incidences of such diseases, the testing of food products has become an imperative need of the hour. Since 2005, total microbiology testing volume has increased from 629.9 Million to 738.3 Million tests in 2008.

Further, the report by RNCOS has also covered all the key aspects of the global food safety testing market. It has identified and analyzed the emerging trends in the market and intensively monitored the important drivers and other supporting factors. It has implicitly identified the possible growth areas in terms of technological developments. An in-depth analysis of the overall market and segments, such as pathogen tests, GMO testing, and pesticide testing have also been included in the report.

The report is an outcome of an extensive research and prudent analysis of the global food safety testing market that seeks to deliver reliable statistics and crucial details. It provides information and analysis on emerging sectors and developments

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