Jul 23

the Early Bird Might Get The Worm, But The Second Rat Gets The Cheese.

Following the theme of our Quote of the Month, let’s examine what it means. On the surface this quote is obvious. The first rat goes after the cheese and gets killed by the trap. Since the trap is already sprung and imposes no threat, the second rat walks up and gets the cheese. The second rat isn’t aware of the threat of the trap, but simply gains his bounty by being at the right place at the right time.

This idea carries much wisdom. It is better to look before you leap. If you have a great idea, don’t assume that because you have it that it is original only to you. Others might have the same idea but don’t possess the resources to implement that idea. Before you put your idea into action, research who else might be using the same idea. Observe how they are doing it and think about how you might do it better, differently, or with a twist.

Look around your environment. Just because the cheese is there, don’t assume it is safe to snag it. There might be some hidden traps that you can’t see. Go to some internet chat rooms and forums and search for others that might have similar ideas. Read the threads and see if there are some things about your idea that you haven’t considered. Research and observe before you act. Become the second rat through research and observation. Learn the pitfalls and snags that might surround making your idea a success. Others might jump in before you, but the hammer will come down on them and not you. It doesn’t always pay to be first.

As with any trap, it only works depending on the approach. If the first rat had simply approached the trap from the other side,

Jul 22

Inside a Chocolate Factory – How the Production Goes

As you all know by now, chocolates are basically made from cocoa beans which generally grow in tropical climates like Africa, South America and parts of Asia. In addition, to provide the raw products forming the finest chocolate paste, the beans should be harvested twice a year. This is how chocolate factories should choose their cocoa beans to follow the Swiss and Belgium methodology and offer high quality products. What should they do after purchasing the raw products?

Produce chocolate paste

After receiving the cocoa based raw products such as butter, mass and powder, chocolate factories must combine them with milk powder and sugar. This procedure happens inside specific machines with a capacity of 500kg to 2 tons that automatically mix these ingredients. 12 hours later, chocolate paste is formed.

In fact, the paste for the different types of chocolate is made in the same process. What differs is the percentage of each ingredient. For example, white chocolate contains the least cocoa mass, however, has more milk powder and sugar, making it the sweetest of all types. Dark chocolate has the strongest taste due to its high percentage of cocoa mass. It contains less sugar than the others, and has no milk powder. Finally, milk chocolate balances between all the ingredients.

After the chocolate paste is ready, it is put to rest for 24 hours.

Fill the chocolate and give it a mold

Before stuffing our chocolate, they first prepare the fillings. Some of them like hazelnuts, pistachio, and coconut gianduia are made by machines taking 6 to 10 hours. Others like caramel and chocolate or strawberry mousse, are cooked by hand. On the other hand, fillings like wafer, biscuits and smarties are bought from suppliers.

Once fillings are ready and the paste has rested, they mold and stuff the chocolate. These two processes happen simultaneously during

Jul 22

Enhance Restaurant Buffets With Unique Acrylic Candy Displays

Restaurants across the country are embracing the buffet concept, charging a flat price for a wide assortment of food. Everything from appetizers to dessert is represented at the largest restaurant buffets. There are even areas where diners can make their own waffles, cook meat, and create custom treats to end the meal. Adding candy to the restaurant buffet can be a lucrative move when unique acrylic candy displays are used.

The visual element of the buffet is what attracts diners so candy displays should be impressive. Large acrylic bins with tubes extending several feet in the air should do the trick. Fifteen to 30 pounds of delicious candy will fit in these bins. Think of how amazing a thousand one-inch gumballs will look in one of these containers. The assortment of colors alone is enough to draw anyone’s attention. With an easy-open lid and a large candy scoop, diners will have no problem taking some gumballs to chew on after their meal.

These bins can be lined up on a countertop and filled with goodies or a display rack system can be used to create an instant candy buffet. These racks hold bins or buckets and some are designed to hang on a flat or slatwall. Diners can view the full selection of candy in one spot and stocking containers with popular goodies like gummies, chocolate covered raisins, M&Ms, and taffy encourages them to take some of everything.

Large canisters with lids make excellent containers for individual sized candy bars and wrapped licorice pieces. Each holds a massive quantity of treats, making refills infrequent. Lollipops and individually wrapped cookies and brownies can be displayed in the largest jars, with lids keeping the goodies fresh and intact.

Buffet restaurants can even provide candy souvenirs by filling paint

Jul 21

Is It Smart To Look For Used Restaurant Equipment For Sale

The restaurant business is one that embodies the spirit of competition. Those restaurants that survive and make a name for themselves constitute the few, the lucky, the crafty and the proud. When you walk or drive by a place where a restaurant has closed up and moved out what question do you ask yourself? For me it usually has to do with not even remembering the name of the place.

There are locations which, as if by magic, are the home of one failed restaurant after another – so maybe we can blame that. But often it’s the food, service, value for the money equation. Unnecessary overhead, especially in the kitchen, their equipment and their employees often shows up in the charges for their meals and not in a good way.

Even the restaurants that are the purveyors of delicious food, the providers of raucous fun, and the protectors of family-friendly environments, often do not survive their first month of opening. Because when opening a restaurant, the startup is what can make or break a potential culinary success. Finances are key. So, if you’ve got a good idea, even better recipes, and a decent location, then look for some used restaurant equipment for sale.

With the number of new restaurants that go belly-up, there are plenty of good opportunities to save on startup costs and get some used restaurant equipment and appliances. After all, when opening a restaurant, you have monthly lease fees to think about, health inspections, and long-term food supplier contracts to think about – don’t burden yourself with buying brand, spanking new equipment.

While the shiny silver of a new pizza oven and fingerprint-free stainless steel, industrial refrigerator can look visually appealing, remember that a slightly used one could get the job done just as well at

Jul 17

How To Make Blue Cheese Dressing.

I actually had some extra blue cheese crumbles that I needed to use up, thus I sought out a good blue cheese dressing recipe . I stumbled upon this one via Cooks Illustrated and since I have ordinarily have good success because of their tasty recipes, I guessed I would give it a shot. This particular blue cheese dressing recipe was creamy, tangy and even had just the right amount of blue cheese. When I made a few wedge salads with this particular dressing along with had them for lunch, as well as with dinner. Everyone loves the crisp iceberg lettuce wedges, topped with refreshing cherry tomatoes and pieces of crispy bacon. Almost everyone appeared to like the meal!

Rich and Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe

2-1/2 ounces crumbled blue cheese (about 1/2 cup)
3 tablespoons buttermilk
3 tablespoons sour cream
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
1/4 teaspoon sugar
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
Salt and ground black pepper
Mash the blue cheese plus buttermilk in small bowl with fork until eventually combination is similar to cottage cheese with smallish curds. Stir in leftover ingredients. Taste and modify seasoning by using salt and pepper. Could be covered and refrigerated as many as 2 weeks.

CI Notes:

Yields 3/4 cup, more than enough to dress about 10 cups of loosely packed greens, serving 4

In a pinch, whole milk may be used instead of buttermilk. The dressing is a touch lighter and milder in tastes nonetheless will certainly still taste good. Most of us dressed numerous unique salad greens and determined that delicate kinds, which include mesclun plus butter lettuce, turned soggy underneath the weight of the dressing. Sturdy romaine together with curly leaf lettuce were definitely some of our

Jul 16

Choosing a Good Indian Restaurant

Tikkas, tandoories, mouth-watering curries and delicious rotis make Indian cuisine the sought after food worldwide. Indian cooking comprises a unique blend of ingredients, exotic herbs and spices that have given Indian food a significant place in world cuisine. Its easy to find local restaurants that serve Indian cuisine with the generic search engines, a local search in search engines, or easier in a restaurant search engine.

Unlike the times of the past where review sites were the ultimate option to base your choice of a restaurant, the growing search engine technology has made available vertical search engines, and more specifically a restaurant guide. The restaurant recommendations bring together all the restaurant information from 15 metros in the US in one neat site. Users can check reviews, ratings, addresses, timings, menus, discount coupons, home delivery services, online reservations from just one site.

The choice of an Indian restaurant largely depends on with whom you are dining. If you are dining with your date, check out the restaurants that offer a romantic evening meal. If you are taking kids and family out for dinner then your choice of ambiance has to be appropriate for a family.

Above all, you are there to taste authentic Indian food. And as a diner if you are familiar with good Indian food, then youll have certain expectations about the food. So its best to base your choice on restaurant reviews and recommendations from friends, family and colleagues. And for a larger canvas of choices refer to local restaurant reviews online and restaurant ratings on food, service and ambiance from the citizens around the globe.

Great food is always available and of course for a price. Choose restaurants based on the recommendations in the restaurants directory. Its equally important to choose a restaurant that does not burn a hole

Jul 16

List Of Filipino Unusual Food

Just like anywhere else, Filipino has its own list of unusual food. Food that are common among us Filipino but for some find the food unusual or exotic. Here is my list for some Filipino exotic food.

Balot: Balot is not only a popular food in the Philippines, as Filipino eats Balot for a very long time. Balot is a hard boiled fertilized duck egg eaten from the shell. For some, Balot is so unusual as it was featured in popular TV show as one of the most unusual food in the world. Balot is so popular in the Philippines because of the believe for its aphrodisiac effect and for being high in protein. Now a days, balot is usually sell in the street fried wrap with batter known as Balot Tokneneng. It is also eaten in other Asian nation such as in Vietnam, China has also a similar preparation known as Maodan.

Bayawak : Bayawak (variety of large lizard) is another unusual meat consume by Filipino, before you could always find Bayawak in some Restaurant in Manila specialized with exotic food but now a days you could rarely seen some as the number of Bayawak started to decline.

Dagang Bukid (Rice field rat): For some, rat might be a pest on their rice field farm, but for some farmer it turns to be a favorite appetizer during drinking session. They usually cook rice field rat as dry adobo and Ive heard that it taste like a chicken.

Frog (Rice field Frog): For some people, eating frog might be look so unusual but I heard that some people fom other nation also eat Frog as part of their culinary cuisine. There are some variety of frog that are poisonous ,so be careful when choosing one. Frog is usually cook

Jul 15

The Healthy Kitchen Must Have A Food Dehydrator As An Essential Tool

Food dehydrators are staple in the healthy kitchen. Health-minded people are now bringing home top model food dehydrators from dieters trying to conserve calories to food purists who would like to enjoy delicious foods that are not riddled with preservatives and added unnatural chemicals.

You know fresh produce is great for your body since they are packed with natural vitamins, minerals, as well as enzymes. Sorry to say, a lot of fresh produce goes to waste because people simply do not eat it up before it goes bad.

Food dehydrators are the solution to this dilemma, you will never again waste money by throwing out rotten fruit! You can use your dehydrator to eliminate the moisture from these foods so they are preserved naturally.

Dehydrated foods will last much longer than those that are left fresh and they can be used in a variety of healthy snacks. Contemplate adding dehydrated fruit pieces to yogurt or mixed in with nuts for a homemade trail mix.

Even children will eat foods that have been prepared through food dehydrators. They will eat their fruits gladly without even realizing they are so good for them. You may even be able to dehydrate very small pieces of vegetables and slip them into a dehydrated fruit mix for those veggie-hating family members.

You need to make certain there is just enough heat to dry the food, but not so much that it bakes it when you are getting your food dehydrated. There is a fine line between drying something and cooking it, so you will want to make sure that it works; you also want to make certain that half your food does not get dried out while the other half just turns into mush.

Food dehydration involves taking anything that is thin slices of the

Jul 15

Italian Food Catering Services For Your Next Gathering from Maria’s Italian Kitchen

There are several situations where you may have to arrange for catering. Perhaps somebody is having an engagement, perhaps your office needs to arrange on-site meals, or you are interested in throwing a private party that stays fresh in everyone’s memory for a long, long time. Once you’ve chosen to arrange for catering, the main question you need to answer is what type of food you’d prefer. Maria’s Italian Kitchen would like to suggest Italian food.

Catering, as you may perhaps know, is one of Maria’s specialties. They have been providing Italian food catering services to Los Angeles for a very long time and they have gotten pretty good at it. Our dedicated catering and events staff has the determination and experience to appease all of your requests while staying inside your budget and providing you with some of Los Angeles’ best Italian food. Catering rarely used to be this convenient.

If you’re scheduling your wedding, you may want to think about serving Italian food. Catering services with Maria’s Italian Kitchen don’t stop with the food, however. They can help you with all the little details from choosing a location, to food, drinks and even decoration. Speak to their events staff regarding the arrangement of a traditional Italian wedding, even if you aren’t Italian! Food, catering, location and decoration are all parts of the package.

They are also really seasoned at providing craft services to the film and TV industries. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and there is nothing less entertaining than an empty stomach. They’ll keep your cast and crew’s spirits high and well fed with their selection of authentic, wholesome Italian food. Catering for the specific food allergies and dietary requirements of your people is not a problem, either.

If you’re having a private party in the near

Jul 14

Raw Food Diet Fast Weight Loss Tips

The raw food diet is the newest way of losing weight quickly, efficiently and effectively. If you wish to lose weight or simply lead a healthy lifestyle then it is highly recommended that you follow the raw food diet strictly. The raw food diet means the consumption food that is derived from plant sources and is generally consumed raw. This includes uncooked unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, sprouts beans seaweed and salads. In order to enjoy the benefits of the raw food diet, there are some tips that you help you do the trick. The whole basis of the raw food diet is that you consume a high quantity of foods that are rich in nutrients but low in calories. This ensures that you do not need to starve yourself at the same time minimizing your calorie intake. Thus the chances of putting on weight are almost nil as the intake of fats is almost nil.

If you are new to the raw food diet, there are some things you need to learn about the preparation o the food. As such the preparation time and effort is negligible but there are ways to make the food taste more palatable. The correct garnishing and preparation can lend flavor to the food and make it a mouthwatering treat. Cottage cheese is something that helps improve the taste of any food and is very healthy in itself. Some of the raw foods such as sprouts or beans may require you to soak them overnight but others such as salads and juices can be whipped up instantly in a variety of interesting ways. You can let your imagination run unchecked and experiment in a number of ways to make the food more interesting and exciting.

The second tip that you can

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