May 28

Indian Food Around The World

Indian food is well known in Western countries for its great use of spices and its delicious sauces. Curry and lentil based dishes are a couple of the popular menu items on Indian restaurants that exist in the United States, and it is also a standard association to this genre of food. However, once the same curry consumer visits India and experiences some of the great cuisine offered in the country’s restaurants they are often surprised by what they find.

One of the interesting aspects of Indian food is that it is extremely relevant to the culture. Much of the country’s cultural evolution and development is reflected in its cuisine. This makes dining in the country much more of a cultural experience than a simple hunger fulfillment opportunity. And this is also one of the reasons why many world travelers express the opinion that they gain a perspective on local culture by sampling the food that are based there. Many people insist on eating only at locally owned restaurants and diners when they travel and using India as the perfect example, it truly can be a great way to become familiar with a particular culture.

Some of the standard aspects of Indian cuisine can be found in restaurants and home kitchens in India, though they are also reflective of Indian food that is served across the world. One of the main distinctions is the use of vegetables. In India this can be extremely regionally based as they use a lot of vegetables in their cooking and they typically use what grows near them. This would be affected by restaurants that are based in other countries.

Another common aspect of Indian food that is typically unique to it is the extent of vegetarianism that is found throughout the

May 26

7 Tips for Chocolate Factories to Get Certified

Chocolate factories are usually subjects of constant quality and hygiene testing. Some of them pass the test and are handled official certificates proving their well management. Certified factories proud themselves with this title that makes them trustworthy. To acquire these certifications, chocolate factories in the Middle East should start decreasing possibilities of future issues by going back to the beginning with a suitable infrastructure design:

– Building: Minimizing the challenge of external hazards (insects, dust, soil… ) by inspecting the building for pest access, soil and dust. A lot of insects are known for being attracted by sweets. Forbidding them to reach the chocolate by closing all possible accesses keeps away microbes and bacteria. Getting rid of dust and soil repels unwelcome creatures from entering the factory.

– Process Line: Controlling the movement of raw materials to avoid the combination with cleaning products. The best solution is to have two entrances far away from each other: one for the raw materials, and the other for the chemicals. This would maintain a good quality away from infections and proves an efficient manufacturing.

– Ventilations and air flow: Regulating temperature and humidity that suit the chocolate. It must always remain away from humidity and on a temperature between 17C – 20C to prevent it from melting. Messing with that will result in damaged chocolate. An automatic ventilation system can conserve the perfect conditions when employees leave the factory.

– Equipment: Optimizing the machines used for production to prevent residues from corrupting the coming products. Doing so, decreases the cleaning time in favor of chocolate production. In other terms, the time spent to remove the residues from the equipment, will be replaced to make chocolate instead.

– Services: Managing the availability of potable water, electricity, gazes and other supplies at all time. An absence of one of these

May 25

Startup Restaurant – You Need a Definite Plan

Starting to run your own restaurant is a very exciting time. However, it is also very stressful and can become even worse if you don’t know what you’re doing and what you need to do after you start up your restaurant.

For a startup you will need to have a definite plan and then you’ll have to make sure that you follow the plan every step along the way. Your plan should include financial goals, getting a mentor and following his/her suggestions, and operational goals.

The first thing you need to do is figure out how much money it will take to get started with your restaurant. You need to make sure you are realistic with all the costs. Don’t try to cut corners and think that you’ll be able to keep costs lower than you really will be able to. If you are unrealistic during this stage, you are doing noting more than setting yourself up for failure.

Once you have the plan in place for your startup then you need to make sure you actually stick to the budget. You don’t want to overspend and put yourself in a hole at any point during the process of opening your restaurant. You also want to make sure you continue to follow your budget with the daily operations of your restaurant.

Speaking of daily operations, you also need to plan and then go forward with how you will run your business on a daily basis. You want to plan how you’ll acquire proper sources for your foods, what sales goals you’ll have, and how you plan to keep and meet the sales goals after you launch your restaurant.

Of course behind all the planning – and helping you along the way – should be a mentor. Everyone needs someone who has successfully gone through the

May 24

Being A Food Handler Does Not Necessarily Restrict One To The Restaurant And The Food Processing Ind

Food handlers today form the backbone of Americas food processing and restaurant industry. They have been there for decades on end but have always been in the background until now. The food industry has had a growth spurt of sorts and along with that comes the requirement for more jobs. Its fairly simple actually, the more mouths there are to feedmore will be the need for people in processing packaged foods and in restaurants to meet that production goal.

Food handlers jobs can vary from servers in restaurants to people who help transport packaged or perishable foods to food processors at a packaged food production plantthose who help slice and dice meat for packaging and consumption. But there is a whole other side that also needs certified food handlers to get going with their daily routines, like schools, senior living communities and health care organizations like hospitals.

Senior living communities for example always need certified food handlers, for helping out in the kitchens as cooks; either assisting head cooks or when it comes to delivering meals. A food handlers card is a must out here because of the duties they are in charge of. A food handler here is responsible for the planning and preparation of meals for the entire client population. In the guise of a cook, they are also responsible for the overall operation of food services including the occasionally catered events at the community. They have to prepare bulk quantities of food, assist in planning menus, prepare healthy meals and maintain sanitary conditions in the kitchen. They are also responsible when it comes to the supplies and have to check inventory of food, utensils and supplies ensuring an adequate stock exists for the preparation of daily meals.

The same goes for college campuses and schools where food

May 24

The Lighter Side of Chocolate

When your heart takes hold of your fork and leads you in a totally different direction from what you had previously conditioned yourself to believe as food, you know you are in for a surprise.

I was looking for something devilishly good without the guilt, and I knew I was onto a good thing when I noticed a bunch of hippies sipping soy chai in the park, their skin was glowing, their hair was shining, and their mouths open wide in delight. Did they know something that I did not? I casually sat down beside them and asked them what their secret was. Being an adventurous soul myself, I could feel the excitement building as I discovered these people had found a way to get high on CHOCOLATE!

Oh yes, all of my dreams had come to fruition when I discovered that you could eat raw chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without guilt. Love was permeating through my cells as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the lusciously, sweet, spell that had taken hold of my taste buds.

Chocolate dipped strawberries, raw rocky road, chocolate mousse, raw chocolate cheesecake, raw chocolate balls, dark chocolate almond butter cups, and the list went on! Not only were these foods good for you, but they also tasted great.

After my excitement was officially over I decided to do a little research on these yummy creations and was happily surprised to discover that not only are these bite sized treats incredible works of art, but there are many health benefits associated with eating certain kinds of chocolate.

The raw chocolate that is used has a main ingredient called Cacao and is pronounced “Ka-Cow.” The cacao is taken from the cacao bean which is the seed of a fruit known as “Theobroma Cacao Fruit.” Listed below are just a

May 23

Food Scientist Jobs – Career Explained

Food scientist jobs are important to our society, as these individuals are responsible for researching and developing ways to improve the food and beverage products we consume on a daily basis. The most common career options in this field are as food science technicians because the actual scientists who oversee many of the tests typically have advanced degrees at the doctoral level. The degrees needed for food science technicians are typically bachelors degrees, and these important professionals work very close with scientists in all the tests they conduct.

Biological technicians, chemical technicians, environmental science technicians and food technicians all work in similar fields. Food scientist jobs at the technician level require performing tests on food and agricultural products, scrutinizing the results and keeping records under the supervision of a head scientist. You may also be required to maintain inventories of equipment and order lab supplies as needed. You may work in a lab in an urban city or in a more remote location.

The most important career information you need to know is the education and training required for food science technicians. While the top food scientist jobs require doctoral degrees and a great deal of research experience, food science technician jobs may only require a two-year associates degree in applied science. Most technicians have bachelors degrees in fields such as biology or chemistry, though, which helps boost your resume and salary potential. An internship will also help provide more opportunities to advance your new career in the earliest stages after college graduation.

The average annual salary for food science technicians in the United States is $42,270, but there is room for advancement. The salary may also depend on where you work, what kind of lab you work for, where you went to school and how much experience you had

May 20

An Interesting Twist to Pizza Stilton Blue Cheese

I was definitely looking forward to create my own Blue Stilton Cheese Pizza. I chose the best ingredients in the market – white flour and active dry yeast. It’s finally here! I will definitely indulge in some pizza today. I deserved some pampering every now and then. I will have my Blue Stilton Cheese no matter what!

I need to use my own hands on this part. I had to produce my very own pizza dough. There is no other joy than making your own pizza from top to bottom. I followed the recipe diligently as I read the instructions. Kneading the dough is my favorite bit of the whole process. I used up all my strengths to knead the dough.

Relief after all that I took out a circular lid and used it as a guide to cut perfect pizza crusts. I made four 8 inched pizza dough and a mini crust from the recipe. I never realized how much I yielded from the recipe. I got all excited all of a sudden. Is it my fault? I still have the child in me.

All the toppings are readily prepared, sliced the pepperoni, pineapples and white onions. Grated what’s left of the cheddar and mozzarella from the lasagna we made last week and let’s not forget the Stilton Blue Cheese. This is my first ever attempt at using Stilton Blue Cheese as topping. I’m a bit thrilled using this as my topping. She loves this cheese due to its low sodium content making it a healthier choice. So thought, I should give it a try.

Topped the first pizza crust with the 3 cheeses: mozzarella, cheddar and Stilton Blue Cheese. I decided to take turns baking them, I have a small oven so it can

May 18

Ways And Means Of Restaurant Marketing

To be successful in restaurant marketing you need to be little innovative in growing ideas. In fact you are the right person to asses your strength and weaknesses. There are lots of options open to you to develop a suitable marketing strategy. Type of food, customer target, marketing budget and many such issues are taken into account to develop a well understood marketing strategy. The primary need of course is total awareness of various marketing tools. Since food is perishable product, if it goes unsold this will directly add to your loss. Scale of business, market potentiality and business strategies need to be suitably matched with care to your nature of food.

For restaurant marketing initially you are advised to follow a path of low cost marketing. Internet practice has become genuinely a common and advantageous on all issues. To reach to all categories of people in shortest possible time, use of internet is boundlessly effective. Create a very attractive and innovative website that can draw attention to very large number of net visitors. Marketing through mobile, email, direct mail are low cost marketing options. Get the help of creative people to design and format the content of website. It needs to be very specific to issues such as location advantages, supply varieties, food varieties, food quality and any other special distinction. This tempts the website visitors to avail the opportunity.

For instantaneous result mobile marketing is extremely effective, here again the information that you desire to pass through need to be very crisp and specific to the purpose. You can also think of developing android app to get access to high end smart phone to promote your restaurant marketing.

With trial to so many such online marketing tools you will be in a position to develop a proper data

May 16

Influence – The Luxury Restaurant In Chennai

Now Chennai and Chennai-ites are no strangers to vegetarianism. So if yet another vegetarian restaurant opens its doors to Chennai, it comes as no surprise. If you are one of those who raise their eye brows when one talks of fine dining and a vegetarian restaurant in the same breath, then you need to think again! So when a fine dining vegetarian restaurant opens in Chennai, the fare it has to offer, should be different. Influence is just that

The interiors of Influence are designed by none other than Manish Malhotra. In fact, his designers signature lends itself to the uniforms worn by the waiters too! The interiors can be described as plush and swanky done in shades of beige, brown and slathered with gold. Spread over 5000 sq. feet it gives you a feeling of space as you enter. Flower filled ponds, dim lighting, unusual furnishing, attractive paintings all add to creating a magical aura.

The menu rambles on endlessly offering a range of health drinks and juices to invigorate and rejuvenate. They also have an array of cream based soups, but what caught my eye was the tomato soup served with real gold leaf. The cuisine is more fusion than distinctive. You can take your pick from spinach balls stuffed with melting mozzarella, risottos for the rice lovers of Chennai, Vietnamese paper rolls, unusual combination salads and penne delicately flavoured with herbs and laced with invigorating tomato puree. Their range of pizzas is extensive and they come with exotic asparagus, olive oil, fromaggio, jalapenos and chives. Fusion foods like paneer with Dijon mustard and mango sauce for dumplings aroused our taste buds. The desserts were rich and creamy, but their chocolate desserts were to die for!

If fusion food is not your scene, then you too have a

May 15

How To Succeed In The Restaurant Business

If you want to succeed in the restaurant business you have to find out the best restaurant supply stores in your area. Right at the start of your business and periodically once or twice a year you have to purchase the restaurant equipments. Restaurant equipments are essential for every restaurant business and no restaurant business can do without it. Therefore a restaurant business owner should look for the following:

1.Restaurant equipment supply
2.Restaurant equipment supplies
3.Restaurant kitchen equipment
4.Industrial kitchen equipment
5.Wholesale restaurant supplies
6.Restaurant equipment parts
7.Restaurant supply stores

All the above-mentioned things are very essential for the smooth functioning of every restaurant business. While searching for the restaurant supply company the restaurant owners should keep in mind a few things like firstly he should check the experience and reputation of the supplier. Secondly he should ensure that whether or not the latest stocks are always available with the supplier ensuring that the supplier is not selling expired materials. Thirdly one should consider the quality of material supplied by the agency. One must ensure that they dont compromise with the quality at any point of time. One cannot afford to compromise with the quality at any cost.
Finally one should consider the performance and durability of the products. They must give warranty of the product for a certain period of time. The products should give lasting for a long period of time i.e they should be durable.

Thus a restaurant owner has to take several things into consideration while making a purchase decision. There are several restaurant supply companies who supply restaurant equipments at an affordable rate. There is a wrong notion that those who supply restaurant equipment at a cheaper rate compromise with the quality of the product. This notion is

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